Since its inception, the project has grown to involve a team of students collaborating in project development, programming, and design. The 2015 CarolinaGO team consists of:

• Brent Comstock

• Diana Dayal

• Allie Polk

• Councill Leak (programming)

The CarolinaGO native app development team, who created the first version of the CarolinaGO native application, based on the Corona SDK, as a part of the COMP 523, Fall 2013 team, consists of: Jens Christian Finnerup (programming), Keethan Kleiner, Matthew Leming, and Wuang Qin.

Funding for CarolinaGO is provided by UNC's Information Technology Services, Carolina Creates, and the Student Library Advisory Board.

Additionally, we would like to give a special thanks to John Hu and Seth Woodard for their work on the app, and to Github user Eluceo for his iCal generator.

Other students who have contributed to the CarolinaGO initiative include:

•Daniel Pshock (designing)

• Nikita Shamdasani